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Cannot Create A Standby For Logical Connection


Also specifies whether Replication Server should use this property by default for connections to other servers." 287 = CFG_PARAM_DESC_RS_MUTUAL_AUTH, "Specifies whether Replication Server should require all incoming connections to use the Please, verify that this is what was intended." 291 = DDL_DEFAULT_FUNC_STRING_MOD, "Can not create, alter or drop function strings for %s function string class" 292 = DDL_INTERNAL_STDB_NO_PRI, "Logical connection %RS_SITEID has interface port-channel 1 interface port-channel 2 interface port-channel 3 Step6 Change the interface allocation per context to use the new EtherChannel or redundant interfaces. forgetting about earlier RepServer versions, which are not supported anymore), this gives you all the main replication features as well as function replication and warm standby. http://skimwp.org/cannot-create/cannot-create-the-image-of-the-logical-drive-c.php

Try the switchover operation again. Cannot connect. " 47 = CM_PARSER_FAILURE, "Replication Server internal error. A solution which I've once seen for this is worth mentioning, particularly because of the dangers that come with it: you could add a second "query" line to the interfaces file, Can not switch until properly initialized" 273 = DDL_SUB_CREATE_IN_PROGR, "Standby create for replicate database '%s.%s' is in progress.

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If archiving fails and the NOREOPEN attribute has been specified, or the MAX_FAILURE attribute threshold has been exceeded, log transport services will attempt to archive redo logs to the alternate destination In an ASE environment, when you're running at least RepServer 11.5 and ASE 11.5, you can use the internal ASE RepAgent. An error occurred because a SQL statement was entered incorrectly, such as an incorrect standby database filename being entered in a tablespace statement Enter the correct SQL statement and use the In pre-12.0, by default ASE and RepServer are installed in the same installation directory; however, it's best to install them in separate directory trees.

Interfaces of all types2 : Base License: 364 Security Plus License: 564 ASA 5520 VLANs1: Base License: 150. Setting this parameter to a small value allows for more timely detections of dead connections. A.4.3 Switchover Fails Because User Sessions Are Still Active If the switchover fails and returns the error ORA-01093 "Alter database close only permitted with no sessions connected" it is usually because Query the SWITCHOVER_STATUS column in the V$DATABASE view.

the default 32768 on the 0/7 interface. Detailed Steps Command Purpose Step1 interface port-channel channel_id Example: hostname(config)# interface port-channel 1 Specifies the port-channel interface. All trademarks are acknowledged. Home Skip to content Skip to footer Worldwide [change] Log In Account Register My Cisco Cisco.com Worldwide Home Products & Services (menu) Support (menu) See CT-Lib error message for more information." 40 = CM_CON_PROP_FAILURE, "Failed to set a property in the CS_CONNECTION structure for a connection handle.

Transaction cache size too small I've had a problem case once where everything looked OK, all threads were up, and there were no error messages logged anywhere. In contrast to the LGWR process, the RFS process on the standby database is always synchronously waiting for a new message to arrive from the primary database. It has yet to be defined at the Primary." 201 = DDL_ID_COL_ALREADY, "There is already one identity column in the primary table column list." 202 = DDL_AUTOCORRECTION_DISALLOWED, "Autocorrection cannot be turned Note that the ASA 5512-X through ASA 5555-X do not allow subinterfaces on the Management interface, so for per-context management, you must connect to a data interface.

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Example A-2 Specifying an Alternate Destination LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1='LOCATION=/disk1 MANDATORY ALTERNATE=LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2' LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_STATE_1=ENABLE LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2='LOCATION=/disk2 MANDATORY' LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_STATE_2=ENABLE LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_STATE_2=ALTERNATE If the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 destination fails, the archiving process will automatically switch to the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_2 destination at the If any of the following conditions exist, redo transport services will fail to transmit redo data to the standby database: The service name for the standby instance is not configured correctly Sybase Replication I recommend creating a log of the problem cases you solved, including the relevant error messages and actions you took to resolve them. For example, GigabitEthernet0/0 is a higher priority than GigabitEthernet 0/1.

See the "Configuring an EtherChannel" section. •Configure VLAN subinterfaces. navigate here In single mode or in the system execution space, interfaces have the following default states: •Physical interfaces—Disabled. •Redundant Interfaces—Enabled. In function '%s', the CM handle should be in 'ACTIVE, IDLE, BEING or ALREADY_FADED_OUT' status." 96 = CM_HANDLE_IN_WRONG_STATUS3, "Server internal error. the interfaces file used by the client applications is changed so that they will connect to a different ASE server while using the same servername on client level.

It will do this using the same login and password as you used to log into the replicate RepServer (where the subscription is created from). Free copy of IQ Handy stored procs for IQ Using IQ functions in ASE IQ-to-ASE ODBC connections Replication Server RepServer tips & tricks ASE Tools sybinit4ever sp_exec_table sp_recreate SQL-to-XML Additionally, long-running transactions could be the result of DDL operations being replicated to the standby database, such as when creating or rebuilding an index. Check This Out See CT-Lib error messages for more information." 98 = CM_SETPROXY_FAILURE, "Failed to execute 'set proxy %s' command on server '%s'.

As a start, make sure you know everything a normal DBA should know about the RDBMS platforms involved in your replication system. interface Management0/0 channel-group 3 mode active no shutdown ! c.

An alternate archiving destination can be used when the transmission of redo data to a standby database fails.

Here are some possible approaches for tackling this issue: the most elegant solution is to solve this on network (DNS) level, independent of ASE and RepServer. In this transaction, only one row was deleted in the master table. Copy the standby control file to the original physical standby site. Are the stable devices full ? 7.

interface GigabitEthernet0/2 channel-group 1 mode active no shutdown ! In multiple context mode, these messages are not included in a packet capture, so you cannot diagnose the issue effectively. •The ASA does not support connecting an EtherChannel to a switch To change the parameters without being prompted, use the noconfirm keyword. http://skimwp.org/cannot-create/cannot-create-rfc-connection.php Reinoud van Leeuwen describes an interesting trick to install the products separately on NT as well (and still run the servers as NT services), but I found that it is impossible

This lowers the risk of errors in client- or server-level software which may be referring to the database name explicitly -- remember, the purpose of a warm standby is, presumably, to Note The duplex setting for an EtherChannel interface must be Full or Auto. Force a log switch on the primary database and examine the alert logs on both the primary database and physical standby database to ensure that the archived redo log sequence numbers If you then start up the managed recovery process, the archived log will be applied automatically.

A.4.5 Redo Data Is Not Applied After Switchover The archived redo log files are not applied to the new standby database after the switchover. Feel free to make changes to suit your individual need. Step6 no shutdown Example: hostname(config-if)# no shutdown Enables the interface. The eight hash result values are distributed in a round robin fashion between the channel group interfaces, starting with the interface with the lowest ID (slot/port).

Create a new standby control file. Do not save the running configuration. Active SQL sessions can include other Oracle processes. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

Must abort/complete switch first" 258 = DDL_ALTER_CONN_LOG_TYPE, "This type of alter connection command requires a logical connection. The Management interfaces might not be optimized for through-traffic, however. 2 The Management 0/0 interface is configured for ASDM access as part of the default factory configuration. By default, the low_water value is 64 KB (10 GigabitEthernet) and 16 KB (1 GigabitEthernet); you can set it between 0 and 511 (10 GigabitEthernet) or 0 and 47 KB (1 You should use the active mode unless you need to minimize the amount of LACP traffic. •Passive—Receives LACP updates.

The default is 8. If you receive this error, disconnect any user sessions that are still connected to the database.