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A short explanation: The treeview always shows the whole Explorer tree, including network drives and other namespace extensions. In the directory section, enter where you would like your repository to be. That dialog applies only to :ext:. The "SSH parameters" in the "Preferences Dialog" are global settings, i.e. http://skimwp.org/cannot-create/cannot-create-cvs-entries-extra-old-for-copying-permission-denied.php

Can you recommend an external diff program? These are the available options: always or yes Reread the log message after the verifymsg file has been processed. While creating its ignore list, if CVS encounters a ! This leads to the following problems: If you check out the file on UNIX (where no conversion is performed), the line endings will be and not , which is wrong. read review

If the reader of this e-mail is not the intended > > recipient or his or her authorized agent, the reader is hereby notified > > that any dissemination, distribution or We developers spend most of our time hacking away at the sources inside the "gentoo-x86" module. Let's say I add the following lines to the top of the ChangeLog: Code Listing 2.17: ChangeLog entrydate 25 Feb 2001 This is the thing I added myselfHowever, let's say that

The command must be run from the folder that contains the ie5setup.exe file. Directories can also be excluded from a module explicitly. I need to specify a different SSH port but TortoiseCVS won't let me? Acknowledgement sent to Brian White : New Bug report received and forwarded.

Therefore, we recommend that you always use :ext: instead of :ssh:. Warning If you intend to use modules for project organization, be aware that modules are not versioned. Using TortoiseCVS together with Eclipse How do I use the :local: protocol when the repository is on a network drive? http://www.tortoisecvs.org/faq.shtml CVS is usually modest in its memory requirements, and a server with 32MB of RAM can handle most repositories.

This allows two or more developers to work on different parts of the same file at the same time.Merging isn't perfectHowever, if two or more developers have made changes to the If you are using the scripting files in the CVSROOT directory, you may need to edit them when a directory is moved or removed. Is your current directory on a network share or on a removable drive? The CVSREAD environment variable is described in Section 6.10, later in this chapter.

The verifymsg file usually is used in tandem with the rcsinfo file to manage log messages and sometimes to interact with bug-tracking programs. http://www.cvsnt.org/pipermail/cvsnt/2005-April/018391.html In order to use this method, you must have a login account at foo.bar.com.A few more things...In addition to the CVSROOT, you'll also need to know the name of the module It looks like this error occurs when another program has recently accessed the folders and is still running. No work will be lost, but a bit of manual intervention will be required, since cvs now requires your input on how to merge the conflicting changes.The commitWe'll look at exactly

Don't worry, they aren't thrown away. http://skimwp.org/cannot-create/cannot-create-the-client-index-entries.php You may want to jump forward to the next panel to read the explanation of these commands, and then jump back here:Code Listing 1.8: Checking out sources# cvs login (Logging in Why do the overlay icons sometimes show the wrong status? When you change the settings on a file in the repository, the file permissions of existing files in existing sandboxes are unaffected.

If you are using Windows 95 or NT, you have to install the Windows desktop update that comes with IE4 or later (see How do I install the Windows Desktop Update Message #25 received at [email protected] (full text, mbox, reply): From: Lior Kaplan To: [email protected] Subject: #128912,cvs: continue after no-permission error Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2007 21:17:31 +0200 A quick test Before actually committing your changes to the remote repository, cvs will fire up your default editor so that you can type in a description of your modifications. Check This Out I (blindly) guess that the file is in use by some other task and cannot be removed therefore; can this be a CVSNT task?

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Example 6-6 shows how to call CVS while providing and defining the user variable ${=TESTDIR}. If you wish to turn history logging off, simply rename the history file.

To ensure that group ownership is set correctly, ensure that your project directories automatically create the correct group permissions for new files.

Can I share my sandbox with Linux or Cygwin? If another developer made changes to a file that you haven't touched, your local file will be updated so that it's in-sync with the version on the repository.And, if you modified For quite some time, CVSNT has defaulted to using a lock server instead, as this has a number of advantages. CVS prohibits reading or writing by having processes that use a write lock also hold the master lock until after they release the write lock.

Another issue with this method involves branch tags. If this file exists, any username not in this file is given read-only access. I recommend that you do not do this, as the data can be difficult to recover if you change your mind. http://skimwp.org/cannot-create/cannot-create-entries.php The error seems also to occur in the middle of a checkout, but the checkout is not interrupted by this error.

It is getting harder and harder to support Windows 95/98/ME, as neither Microsoft nor the CVSNT client officially support those systems. The yes setting is useful if you run CVS commands in the working directory above your sandboxes. It applies to CVS Versions 1.9.14 and later.

If value is yes, the server authenticates the connecting user with the passwd file in the repository's CVSROOT directory. The diff process can also use swap space and runs at each commit.

Should I turn of real time AV-Scanning on my local disk as well? Because of this you may want to use text files wherever possible. editinfo The editinfo file is obsolete and has been replaced effectively by verifymsg and rcsinfo. Copy sent to [email protected] (Eric Gillespie, Jr.).

This doesn't mean that you can't move or rename files and directories; it just requires ingenuity. Tip To rename a file or directory, move it from the old name to the new name. Why are only some icon overlays shown? Too lazy to do all this?

Why is RSH (.rhosts) no longer supported, and what do I do about it? Only by them improving their situation can we build a completely civilised world, safer for everyone. The default value is 500 - try increasing it to 2048 (see http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q132/6/68.asp for more details). And also (falsely) complains about CVS/Entries. -- Lior Kaplan [email protected] GPG fingerprint: C644 D0B3 92F4 8FE4 4662 B541 1558 9445 99E8 1DA0 Information forwarded to [email protected]: Bug#128912; Package cvs. (Sat, 11

The write-lock file exists primarily to provide the process ID, so that you can identify which process is holding the lock if you need to clear it. It refers to the CVS-specific username provided in the leftmost field of the appropriate line in the passwd file in the repository's CVSROOT directory. What about Windows 98? These are the available configuration options: LockDir=directory This option is available only in CVS Versions 1.10.2 and later.

If this setting is present, CVS puts lock files in the nominated directory

When I remove a file it vanishes, how do I commit it? Deleting a Repository A CVS repository that is no longer needed can be removed as you would remove a normal directory tree.