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Cannot Determine Comparator For Sort Field With Name

This means that each class is doing only thing. Why? For example, if we have a list of boxes, how would we sort them? Parameters:field - Name of field to sort by, cannot be null.locale - Locale of values in the field. SortField public SortField(Stringfield, SortComparatorSourcecomparator) Creates a sort with a custom comparison function. http://skimwp.org/cannot-determine/cannot-determine-comparator-for-sortfield-with-name.php

Unique sorts fail if any value or combined value specified by the fields listed in the fields property result in an indeterminate or non-unique sort order; that is, if two or I think it probably uses a quicksort in the background. invalidRemove=Cannot remove when current is beforeFirst or afterLast. We added an integer (named order) with values 1 or -1 which is used to switch the sorting polarity.

int callback ( mixed $a, mixed $b ) Caution Returning non-integer values from the comparison function, such as float, will result in an internal cast to integer of the callback's return Typically the algorithm will compare properties until the field list is exhausted or a non zero value can be returned. This class has no fields, thus we can say that this class is stateless. If instead of numbers I said choose between A and B, where A and B can be anything, would you be able to do an informed decision?

  1. If the first row of the data from the http request has a null value for a given field, I get the "Cannot determine comparator for Sortfield" error.
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  3. Most of the following examples will use lists but the same concept can be applied for arrays.
  4. FIRST_INDEX_MODEConstant public static const FIRST_INDEX_MODE:String = "first" When executing a find return the index for the first matching item.
  5. Let's make this more realistic.

Do we need to create more than one instance of this class? Let's take this example one step further and create our own class. Flex ICollectionView implementations call the sort method automatically and ensure that the sort is performed on a copy of the underlying data.

Parameters items:Array — Array of items If the sort uses the default compareFunction, returns true if the property parameter specifies a sort field.

Constructor Summary SortField(Stringfield) Creates a sort by terms in the given field where the type of term value is determined dynamically (AUTO). http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1368122/flex-sort-writing-a-custom-comparefunction Can be null if type is SCORE or DOC.type - Type of values in the terms.reverse - True if natural order should be reversed. SortField public SortField(Stringfield, Localelocale) Creates a

You can not post a blank message. Is adding the ‘tbl’ prefix to table names really a problem? If the sort or any SortField uses a custom comparator, there's no way to know, so return true. See Also:Constant Field Values STRING public static final int STRING Sort using term values as Strings.

His MSc thesis (Book) received the 2012 SearchSecurity.co.UK award (Website). Read More Here The ListCollectionView class findxxx() methods use this method to find the requested item; as a general rule, it is easier to use these functions, and not findItem() to find data in The Collections (Java Doc) class (part of the Java Collection Framework) provides a list of static methods which we can use when working with collections such as list, set and the This is key to getting your logic right in the comparisons.

If you return -1 that moves the $b variable down the array, return 1 moves $b up the array

See Also:Constant Field Values FLOAT public static final int FLOAT Sort using term values as encoded Floats. http://skimwp.org/cannot-determine/cannot-determine-the-mep.php import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.Collections; import java.util.List; public class Example3 { public static void main(String[] args) { List students = new ArrayList(); students.add(new Student2("Albert Attard", 65, 1)); students.add(new Student2("Mary Borg", 93, 1)); In order to be able to sort two elements (or more), you need to be able to compare them. or What should we use as sorting algorithm?

int getType() Returns the type of contents in the field. String toString() Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object http://skimwp.org/cannot-determine/cannot-determine-comparator-for-sortfield.php Examples Example #1 usort() example functioncmp($a,$b)
$aArray public function set fields(value:Array):void See also SortField uniqueproperty unique:Boolean[read-write] Indicates if the sort should be unique. mais doit y a voir un moyen de contourner mais étant débutant ...

Sort values are Integer and lower values are at the front.

fields : internalPropList; var len:int = propList.length; var propName:String; while (result == 0 && (i < len)) { propName = propList[i]; result = compareValues(a[propName], b[propName]); i++; } return result; } function Populate an AdvancedDataGrid with multiple columns, one of which is a "Number" type 2. Sort values are Float and higher values are at the front. The overloaded version accepts two parameters: the list to be sorted and an instance of comparator.

reverse()method public function reverse():void Goes through all SortFields and calls reverse() on them. Published: 69 postsWeb: http://www.javacreed.com Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. invalidCursor=Cursor no longer valid. # Sort noItems=No items to search. http://skimwp.org/cannot-determine/cannot-determine-comparator-for-sortfield-with-name-flex.php The main difference between these two interfaces is that the comparable interface defines one method compareTo(), which takes one parameter.

Sort Public Methods Hide Inherited Public Methods Show Inherited Public Methods MethodDefined By Sort() Constructor. See Also:Constant Field Values INT public static final int INT Sort using term values as encoded Integers. The function cannot determine a definitive answer if the sort uses a custom comparitor; it always returns true in this case. Specify your own function only if you need a need a custom comparison algorithm.

Comment (*)Name (*) Email (*) Website five − = 1 Examples GIT Repository Please note that we are moving to GIT https://github.com/javacreed Advertisement Donations ArticlesSoftware Transactional Memory Example using Multiverseno comments If you are not rich and you can choose between €1 and €100, which one would you choose? In this case, apply the sort to the simple type directly. col.addItem({first:"Anders", last:"Dickerson"}); // Create the Sort instance.

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