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Cannot Determine Local Time Zone Windows


This appears to come from my /etc/timezone file which has this information. How to deal with a coworker that writes software to give him job security instead of solving problems? Comment 4 Frédéric Buclin 2009-01-07 10:15:34 PST https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=35733 says the problem was fixed in DateTime::TimeZone 0.79, released on 2008-07-29, for Vista and 2008 Server. I always get error stating that "Cannot determine local time zone.". http://skimwp.org/cannot-determine/cannot-determine-local-time-zone-bugzilla-windows.php

[email protected] NewAccount | Log In or Remember [x] | Forgot Password Login: [x] Home | New | Browse | Search | [help] | Reports | Product Dashboard Persona is no longer I suspect that Bugzilla is somehow unsetting the timezone in such a way the prevents the DateTime module from working. Comment 35 Christopher Schultz 2016-03-16 08:36:38 PDT I was able to recover from this error by upgrading my DateTime::TimeZone from 1.58 to 1.96, as suggested in Comment #24. This indicates some problem with the configuration of your system--either there are some dependencies that are not installed, or your /etc/localtime file does not actually come from your current tzdata package https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=604942

Cannot Determine Local Time Zone Perl

Why put a warning sticker over the warning on this product? Comment 28 Javier 2015-03-14 08:18:11 PDT Hi, In case some is still having this problem, I was getting the same error with a Bugzilla 4.4.8 running on ActivePerl 5.20.1, MySQL 5.6 Jugel and Stephan J.

perl -MBugzilla -le 'print Bugzilla->local_timezone->name Comment 12 Stephen Ostermiller 2014-04-07 09:02:00 PDT Also fine (after adding the closing quote to the command): ~/sites/bugzilla/bugzilla$ perl -MBugzilla -le 'print Bugzilla->local_timezone->name' America/New_York Comment 13 checksetup.pl should also check to make sure that DateTime::Timezone is at version 1.64 or later. Thanks. share|improve this answer edited Dec 2 '14 at 3:26 answered Oct 15 '14 at 1:37 ComputerLocus 1,15042251 s/cpam/cpan/ but otherwise what he said. –MichaelRpdx Dec 2 '14 at 3:25

My manager said I spend too much time on Stack Exchange. Undef Error - Cannot Determine Local Time Zone why isn't the interaction of the molecules with the walls of the container (in an ideal gas) assumed negligible? How can I prove its value? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26372965/bugzilla-software-error-cannot-determine-local-time-zone Comment 33 Byron Jones ‹:glob› 2015-06-03 22:38:28 PDT *** Bug 1171334 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Comment 34 Frédéric Buclin 2015-06-04 10:51:06 PDT (In reply to

Running checksetup.pl listed off this laundry list of modules it wanted installed, and by the time that hilarity was dealt with, checksetup.pl was failing withChecking for DBD-mysql (v4.00) ok: found v4.017 This appears to be because the DateTime library reads the /etc/timezone file which causes this data to be "tainted". Comment 10 Stephen Ostermiller 2014-04-07 06:55:32 PDT Your one liner does print out the correct information ("America/New_York" in my case). When I try to reset the password I get the following error: Software error: Cannot determine local time zone The timezone is set: $ dpkg-reconfigure tzdata Current default time zone: 'America/New_York'

Undef Error - Cannot Determine Local Time Zone

So I guess somewhere between version 0.34 and version 0.41 the perl-problem was fixed. On 1941 Dec 7, could Japan have destroyed the Panama Canal instead of Pearl Harbor in a surprise attack? Cannot Determine Local Time Zone Perl bugzilla share|improve this question asked Oct 15 '14 at 1:18 ComputerLocus 1,15042251 add a comment| 2 Answers 2 active oldest votes up vote 3 down vote accepted I just did a Perl Error Cannot Determine Local Time Zone Failing any documentation on how to figure out if that was even partially true, I never solved this.So to work around THAT problem I created a VM with a fresh fresh

How to justify Einstein notation manipulations without explicitly writing sums? http://skimwp.org/cannot-determine/cannot-determine-local-time-zone-spacewalk.php This problem exists for way too long and should be fixed. local time zone snipsnap-index Release Table 10... But when I submit a bug after enter all details it says "Cannot determine local time zone" Kindly help me on this to come out from this issue Comment 27 Andre Perl Datetime Cannot Determine Local Timezone

Comment 14 Stephen Ostermiller 2014-04-07 09:03:45 PDT I commented out the BEGIN {$ENV{TZ}="America/New_York"} line from Bugzilla/Util.pm that I had in and tried again, it still reports the correct "America/New_York" timezone. I changed my server time zone, created a sym link to /etc/localtime ; I re-downloaded the perl modules... perl -MDateTime::Locale -we 'print $DateTime::Locale::VERSION' reports version 0.45 I removed /etc/localtime and regenerated it with sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata Unfortunately that appears to have no effect. More about the author Checking for CGI.pm (v3.21) ok: found v3.29 Checking for Digest-SHA (any) ok: found v5.45 Checking for TimeDate (v2.21) ok: found v2.22 Checking for DateTime (v0.28) ok: found v0.34 Checking for PathTools

This does not however "untaint" the variable. newenvironment vs newcommand? When it tries to contruct a new variable with this tainted variable, it does so using return eval { DateTime::TimeZone->new( name => $name ) } which returns NULL in taint mode

The only work around that I have found that works is modifying the Bugzilla/Util.pm file.

  1. The database indicates there is a user created with the email [email protected] so I am trying to reset the password.
  2. The installation in done on windows XP with ActiveState Perl.
  3. share|improve this answer answered Dec 1 '09 at 3:16 Jared 191139 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote I solved this by using CPAN to install DateTime::TimeZone cpan -i DateTime::TimeZone
  4. Comment 3 bigstijn 2009-01-07 05:14:11 PST With DateTime version 0.41, the problem is resolved.
  5. You can get a working Bugzilla in minutes after you install VMWare Player.
  6. If I change the line #!/usr/bin/perl -wT to #!/usr/bin/perl -w then bugzilla is able to determine the timezone without problem.
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  8. My workaround was the following: 1) Open Local.pm file from DateTime perl Module under \site\lib\DateTime\TimeZone\ (C:\Perl64\site\lib\DateTime\TimeZone for default Windows install of ActivePerl). 2) Go to TimeZone method and comment all lines,

How to install DateTime-TimeZone-Local-Win32 Open an admin command prompt cd to your Bugzilla directory, e.g. Please ensure you read any forum rules as you navigate around the board. Probably something to do with http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.datetime/2004/02/msg4857.html ? more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

Since I will never run yum update here again (or if I do, I'll exclude perl-* from the modules to be upgraded), I let install-module.pl do its nasty CPAN thing to I can confirm that editing the file Bugzilla/Util.pm in the bugzilla installation directory and adding the line BEGIN { $ENV{TZ} = 'America/New_York' } right after the lines use Date::Parse; use Date::Format; Status: RESOLVED INVALID Whiteboard: Keywords: Product: Bugzilla Classification: Server Software Component: Bugzilla-General (show other bugs) Version: unspecified Platform: x86_64 FreeBSD Importance: -- major (vote) TargetMilestone: --- Assigned To: Nobody; OK to http://skimwp.org/cannot-determine/cannot-determine-local-time-zone-bugzilla.php If not, we should require 0.79 everywhere.

Not the answer you're looking for? In Bugzilla 4.4.11, checksetup.pl only requires version 0.71 for some reason. Others may be found in the VMWare virtual marketplace. Comment 15 Stephen Ostermiller 2014-04-07 09:08:13 PDT Things are working without the workaround on this machine all the time now.

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