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Cannot Determine Log Device To Use For /dev/fslv00

chlv -x 1024 oralv <--set the maximum number of logical partitions if needed 3. Installation from a CD_ROM is always treated as a single volume, even if the CD-ROM contains information for a multiple volume CD set. New File System size is 262144 278 IBM Eserver p5 and pSeries Administration and Support for AIX 5L V5.3 # cat /etc/filesystems|grep -ip test /test: dev = /dev/testlv vfs = jfs2 As typical with big-Unix implementations, AIX has a tight integration with the hardware it runs on. news

It is 4096 bytes in size. Platform independent data that can be share across systems is stored in /usr/share/lib/objrepos. Updated on 2010-12-07T12:23:28Z at 2010-12-07T12:23:28Z by SystemAdmin MarkTaylor 100000UHNS 230 Posts Re: Create file system directly on a disk ‏2010-12-07T09:50:29Z This is the accepted answer. Overview Design Philosophy •AIX is primarily a tool-managed Unix. read the full info here

Use the lslpp -O flag with r, u, or s options to list filesets from only one location. (Additional discussion of this is found in the ODM section and the three How can I know to run lspv -l "hdisk0" - do I just randomly pick hdisk0? So i thought directly creating JFS2 on a disk rather than using LVM might be a better option. The instfix command can also be used to determine if a fix is installed on your system.

  • One example of this is the lpp object class that exists in all three locations.
  • Local users should be made aware of the criteria for automatic file removal.(79) du -x When evaluating file sizes, evaluates only those files that reside on the same device as
  • The example here is more to relate the purposes of the commands and give some insight into how they can be used.
  • Actually, nointegrity is not supported by the mount command for jfs2, try creating the filesystem with an inline log ..
  • odmchange Change data in an ODM object class.

Modify the skulker command to suit local needs following the patterns shown in the distributed version. mkdir -p /shortcut <--create a dir, which will be the mount point for the new Name file System 2.: mount -v namefs /some/long/path Syntax defragfs [ -q | -r | -s] { Device | FileSystem }Description The defragfs command increases a file system's contiguous free space by reorganizing allocations to be contiguous rather than more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science

The defragfs command issues a warning message if there are snapshots. This was done with traditional SUID/SGID applications that then checked to see if the user was assigned the privilege before the task was attempted. For example, you may specify a directory that contains files on several devices. See the next example.

umount /origfs; fsck /dev/newLV <--good habit to do an fsck 6. Find your CD/DVD ROM lsdev -Cc cdrom List all paging spaces lsps -a Grow the hd6 paging space by 4 LPs chps -s 4 hd6 ›››The current LP count and LP/PP From the install, management, and maintenance every aspect of LVM design dovetails into other components of the OS, firmware, and hardware to create an unparalleled environment. Use "-o ro" flag to mount as read-only. # mount -o ro /inlinesnap # df Filesystem 512-blocks Free %Used Iused %Iused Mounted on /dev/jfs2lv

This is done to separate data based upon the type of filesystem it is in. http://unix.derkeiler.com/Newsgroups/comp.unix.aix/2004-04/0795.html This is an example for /filesystem1:[email protected]:/filesystem1 >fuser -V -d /filesystem1/filesystem1:inode=205 size=8388624384 fd=17 1028162inode=214 size=8388624384 fd=16 3465470inode=113 size=8388624384 fd=26 3977340inode=204 size=8388624384 fd=66 5316844find out what the last column pid is:ps -ef|grep 1028162ReplyDeleteRepliesAnonymousMarch Each enhanced journaled file system must reside on a distinct jfs2 logical volume. AIX now recognizes a ISNO (Interface Specific Network Option) flag that overrides many of the global settings and uses the settings for each interface over those set globally.

You can use the Web-based System Manager Volumes application (wsm lvm fast path) to run this command. navigate to this website See next item for more typical use. My thinking is, if i want to dedicate a disk for specific application purpose, then why need bring that disk into LVM and create only one LV and create JFS2 on chown -R oracle.dba /ora_backup <--set owner/permission --------------------------------------- EXTENDING FS with commands: 1.

AIX supports these file system types: JFS Journaled File System which exists within a Logical Volume on disk JFS2 Enhanced Journaled File System which exists within a Logical You can access both local and remote file systems using the mount command. exists it does not run. 关机前关闭某些服务:vi /etc/rc.shudown文件里定义(19) 察看和修改系统环境比如语言、时间、桌面GUI #smitty system change/show characteristic of operation system -> ARG/ENV list in 4K size blocks、Maximum number of PROCESSES allowed per user \ More about the author After a fix is installed, fix information is kept on the system in a fix database.

These flags do not alter the file system. ref: http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/pseries/v5r3/index.jsp?topic=/com.ibm.aix.cmds/doc/aixcmds3/mkramdisk.htm /sbin/helpers/jfs2/mkfs -V jfs2 -o log=INLINE /dev/hdisk# mkdir /mnt/hdisk# mount -V jfs2 -o log=/dev/hdisk# /dev/hdisk# /mnt/hdisk# Rgds Mark Taylor Log in to reply. fsck /fs1 <--checks fs consistency (should not run on a mounted file system) 2.

You must mount the file system read-write for this command to run successfully.

The verbs tend to be ls (list), mk (make), rm (remove), and ch (change). Note: To use this command, you must either have root user authority or be a member of the system group. sripe unit size is specified at creating time 在创建条带的时候,带宽就已经被决定了。 优点:(连续的读写操作能够均匀的分布在不同的磁盘上,提高了I/O性能) Striping increases read/write sequential throughout by enenly distributing stripe units among disks. 缺点:条带化以后,数据安全性就降低了。一块盘坏了,有可能所有的数据就不完整了。 为了避免这个缺点,提高安全性,往往在条带化以后,再做磁盘镜像(不是PP镜像,不要混淆了)。 还有个缺点:条带化以后, 逻辑卷LV不好移动。(63)查看物理卷的情况lspv #主要是查看物理卷PV的一些属性信息lspv -p # On the AIX 6.1 system: # snapshot -q /inlinesnap Snapshots for /inlinesnap Current Name Time * friday Fri Jan 25 13:49:22

If Value begins with a +, it is interpreted as a request to increase the file system size by the specified amount. Take the datavg VG offline varyoffvg datavg Vary-on the datavg VG varyonvg datavg ›››By default the import operation will vary-on the VG. umount /fs1 <--umounts fs If umount fails: fuser -cux /fs1 <--shows processes running in the fs fuser -kcux /fs1 <--kills the above http://skimwp.org/cannot-determine/cannot-determine-log-device-to-use-for-dev-cd0-mnt.php Therefore, the file system size will be a multiple of the size of a logical partition.

When used with the -v flag, VPD data stored for these devices is also displayed.